Cancellation Policy & Fees
During the month of August & Jewish Holidays – up to 7 business days prior to arrival date – free of charge.

On all other dates during the year – up to 48 hours prior arrival date – free of charge. Cancellation fees: one night's fee for each cancelled room Cancellation can be done in the following ways: To cancel a reservation the User can log into the Website by using the password that was supplied at the time of booking.

After cancellation, an official confirmation letter will be sent by email. Cancellation can also be made (in accordance to the cancellation policy) by email:; by registered mail: Nof Ginosar, Kibbutz Ginosar 14980;
by fax: 04-8145819; or directly by phone: 04-6700320/300 (it is essential to receive an official cancellation confirmation email from the Reservation's Representative). All is subject to the cancellation terms and to providing full identifying details of the reservation: name, date and confirmation number. In case of technical difficulties, contact the Reservation's Department at: 972-4-6700320