"The Ancient Boat" Museum

is a hands-on museum and educational center at the Igal Alon house. The museum offers a varied world of colors, sounds, sights and experiential activities. Various exhibits display early settlement in the Galilee, a memorial room dedicated to Igal Alon, a well-loved Israeli hero, and an impressive exhibit of an ancient boat, which has been conclusively dated to the fateful first century A.D. – the time of Jesus and the Great Revolt of the Jews against the Romans. The story of the 2000 year-old boat's discovery and preservation is depicted in films, photos and animation, while the amazing boat itself is presented in the main museum hall.


Opening hours:
Sun-Thu 08:30-16:00;
Fri - 08:30-13:00
Sat and holidays - 9:00-16:00


Gabriel House:

A cinema and cultural center in the Jordan Valley.
Tel: 04-6751175

Jeeps and dune buggy trips:

Bazelet: Daylight and night-time jeep tours. Tel: 052-2417852, 04-6734855
Dune buggy adventures: Kibbutz Mishmar Hayarden Tel: , 050-7481172 052-3793859
Jeep trips: Throughout the Golan Heights and the Galilee. Tel: 052-8575210, 04-6923401


Horseback Riding:

Cowboys' Valley Ranch - Horse trails in the Golan Heights. Tel: 04-6762812
Bat Ya'ar: Horseback riding, jeep tours, adventure, an amusement park and bowling. 10 km.from the Tzfat junction. Tel: 04-6921788
Vered Hagalil (The Galilee Rose): Horseback riding and pampering spa. Tel: 04-6935785
The Jordan Carriage: Horse-drawn carriage rentals for family tours. Tel: 052-3701662


Sailing on the Jordan River:

Kfar Blum and Beit Hillel Kayaks - Tel: 1-700-50-66-11
AbaKayak: Jordan Park. Tel: 040-6921078
Jordan River Rafting: Adventure rafting and family sailing on the Jordan River Tel: 1-800-302-302 04-6934622.


Challenge sport activities:
Toprop: Center for challenge sports and other attractions, Kfar Blum 1-700-50-66-11
Manara Cliff: Mountain slides, rappelling, omega slide, wall climbing, mountain cable car and guided tours. Tel: 04-6905830


Spa and Hot Springs

Hamei Tiberius Hot Springs – Tel: 04-6728500
Hamat Gader – hot springs, reptile park, crocodiles, a fine restaurant and more.
Tel: 04-6659999, or 04-6659977