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Jacob's Ladder Festival


is a joyful indoor music and dance festival held at Nof Ginosar Hotel.
This year’s event on December 4-5th 2015 features live concerts of American, Irish, Traditional , Original and Contemporary Folk music and Blues by artists from America, and Israel.
The program includes American and Irish Folk Dance workshops, an Irish Session Band, Tai Chi/Chai Kong, an Open Stage, a Sing- Along and other activities for all ages.
Musicians, professional and amateur, engage in open jam sessions in every spare corner.
On Saturday a colorful craft fair adds to the festive atmosphere.
The festival provides a social occasion where people come to meet friends and to make new friends.
The program begins on Friday at 16:00, and ends on Saturday at 17:00. Most of the songs and activities are in English.
Activities for children are held in a separate hall in the hotel. Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult at all activities.
Because the Winter Weekend is held indoors, the number of tickets is limited.
Full details of the program will be available on the Jacob’s Ladder Website
in October. You can also find us on Facebook.
For the special ONLINE Tickets + Room deal, please contact Nof Ginosar Hotel or CLICK HERE
More information:  or 04.6850403 (Sun-Thurs 10:00-13:00)
Jacob’s Ladder Festival began as a hobby in the 1970’s and has developed over the years into an internationally renowned  bi-annual music festival and is now included in the list of The 300 Best Festivals in the World. The founders, Menachem and Yehudit Vinegrad, originally from England, continue to run the festival with devotion and professionalism.
The aim of the festival is to provide an atmosphere of enjoyment through music and social interaction for all who take part: Artists, Guests and Staff. 
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"A very special place "
I stayed at Nof Ginosar for a very special wedding of dear friends of mine. Perhaps the magic of the wedding had colored my judgment but I enjoyed Ginosar very much. The food was tasty and the helpings large, the rooms clean, and best of all - the staff had been friendly and honest. I can't recall the last time a hotel worker told me that I had over-paid by mistake and gave me back a portion of the money. In Ginosar that has happened and they earned my loyality as a client.
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